All Women's Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois

Starting in puberty, the female body goes through many changes. Safe gynecologist services are vital, especially because often, women seeking a gynecologist are experiencing something far from routine. Each woman is unique, and so are the decisions women must make about their reproductive health. When you need an experienced gynecologist in the Chicago area, All Women's Medical Center is here for you.

Whether you simply need a well-woman checkup or are facing serious issues with your reproductive health, you may be wondering, "How do I find the best gynecologist near me?" If you're in the Chicago area, trust All Women's Medical Center. Lead by Dr. Nelson J. Lehrer, an American board-certified physician with over 40 years of experience in Gynecology, our practice is committed to exceptional patient care. From birth control to sexually transmitted diseases to well-woman exams, we provide complete gynecological care.

A Gynecologist Practice with Experience

With 45 years of experience and a reputation for excellence in patient care, we provide an array of services for all aspects of gynecological health, including:


Gynecology focuses on medical issues and conditions specific to female reproductive systems and breasts, and at All Women's Medical Center we provide pleasant, safe gynecology services for Chicago-area women of all ages. In addition to well-woman exams, we offer services like STD screening, HPV diagnosis and management, treatment for menopause/perimenopause, as well as care for problems like abnormal bleeding, pelvic pain, and fibroids. When you come for a consultation, we'll do our best to answer any medical questions you may have for our experienced staff before, during, or after your visit. Because your health always comes first here, we strive to educate you about female reproductive and sexual health, so you receive the best possible care.

Contraceptive Counseling

For patients wishing to avoid pregnancy, All Women's Medical Center provides private contraceptive counseling services for women of all ages. We offer a variety of temporary and permanent contraception control solutions so that you can make the family planning decisions that are right for you. Our options include oral contraceptives, contraceptive shots, intrauterine devices (IUDs), under-the-skin implants, and vaginal rings, as well as tubal ligation. Our caring staff is dedicated to educating our patients on the different options for reproductive healthcare so that they can make informed decisions about their family planning needs.